A real campaign to work on, where a team of five is formed and together learns how to devise a campaign, plans one and presents it to a jury. This exercise will help in understanding how earned media is achieved for a brand or organisation. 

‚ÄčThe proceeds of this retreat will be used to offer deserving young graduates handsome scholarships to pursue a full-time programme in Public Relations at the School of Communications & Reputation. Participants will go back with a new-found understanding of Public relations, a better knowledge of reputation management and a set of connections for the future.

Campaign Simulation

Masterclasses by experts in Reputation Building, Storytelling, Media Relations, Government Advocacy, Diversity & Inclusion, Corporate Communications and Public Relations powered by School of Communications & Reputation 

The programme is aimed at business leaders who will increasingly need to use the power of earned media to build their organisational and personal brand.  Founders of new-age companies, CEOs, CMOs, CFOs and anyone who would like to learn from the masters of the craft will find this extremely useful. Senior journalists who switch careers to work in PR will gain a lot from the programme. 

Network after work to make new connections that will evolve into mutually beneficial relationships for yourself and your organisation. This will happen during various breaks with one of two evenings dedicated to bonding. All work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull people.


Who is it for?

Who is it by?

School of Communications & Reputation - India's first venture dedicated to training Public Relations managers for the future and The Promise Foundation - a venture that thrives on content creation and event curation have created this first of a kind learning programme with the gurus of PR sharing insights. Reputation Today and PRCAI are the supporting partners in this venture. 


Master classes